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     Travel Diary


    Türkiye 2014


     The RSD Reisen personnels were in Istanbul.


    The RSD Reisen company which enabled 15.000 German tourists to visit Istanbul in winter season with Istanbul programme that offered for the first time last year travelled Istanbul with its 200 personnels at the end of the season. The personnels of RSD Reisen who visited historical places and places of entertainment of Istanbul had the same idea that Istanbul was one of the world city.


     Nbk Touristic and RSD Reisen welcomed their 500.000th guest.


    Nbk Touristic and RSD Reisen welcomed their 500.000th guest.Stefan and Elisabeth Grub booked a one week Lykia Tour for 19 October through RSD Reisen.After this tour they had a big surprise.They were the 500.000th guest of RSD Reisen which has been sending holiday makers to Türkiye during winter for the last four years.The couple won the one week Dubai holiday.


    Nbk Touristic is a Class A licensed travel agency established in Antalya in 2010. In addition to domestic tourism services and products, Nbk Touristic is engaged in projects to make a contribution to boost winter tourism in Türkiye. For 2012-2013 season the company has added cultural tours for Central European and Scandinavian travelers focusing on the whole of Türkiye.